Biometric Attendance Management System (BAMS):


Biometric Attendance Management System maintain program to organize IN and OUT status of people by take the fingerprints of people for maintain proper attendance. BAMS useful for Schools, colleges, Corporate offices and etc for maintain regular attendance of people of that sectors. Biometric Attendance Management System work with GPRS interface so, users can integrate this software with other app's for more benefits.

Accurate results of BAMS and high secured password protection tools attract the users. BAMS is completely standalone machine that accepts the fingerprints of people with time and date. BAMS store the fingerprints of each user for each day with IN and OUT timings. BAMS system no needs software installation, ETHERNET cable, access control systems. It does not connect with PC to get external support but work well. Biometric Attendance Management System designed for taking Student Attendance and Employee Attendance at respected locations.

ARM 32 Bit Processor|RFID|Smart Card|Wi-Fi|GPRS|URLData


  • Biometric Machine is easy to operate and user friendly.
  • It is highly secured with Password protection.
  • Server Load optimization (Multiple records in one ping).
  • In absence of network it stores the Data in memory.
  • Optional IP/HTTP URL Communication.
  • Accurate data Export and USB/SMS based settings.
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  • OS: Windows/Linux/Android Compatible
  • Processor: ARM cortex M3
  • Memory: 16 Mb Flash Memory,512KB SRAM
  • User: 3000,reords:100000 storage capability
  • Display: 128*64 graphical LCD, 16Keys
  • Biometric: 500 DPI finger Sensor,<=2 Sec.
  • Ports: GPRS/Wi-FI/TCP-IP.USB
  • Optional Battery: Li-lon(6Hrs),7.4V,1500 mah
  • Optional: RFID/Smart Card Reader, GPS
  • FREE SDK/Demo Software Provided
  • Weight: 400 Grams,Dimensions:180*130*45
  • Warranty: 1Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Application Areas

  • School/College Attendance
  • School/College Bus Tracking
  • Office Employee Attendance
  • Access Control System
  • Advantages

  • No Need of IP Address
  • No Need of PORT Number
  • No Need of ETHERNET Cable
  • No Need of PC
  • No Need of ROUTER
  • No Need of Internet Connection

  • Smart Attendance System With BAMS: