Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Service is new generation service offered by Sri Technologies with huge number of sender IDs. Anyone can use this Bulk SMS service from mobiles and PC's directly. Bulk SMS service is very useful to the businessmen to improve their marketing strategies in several ways. Bulk SMS service work 24 hours in all days so; businessmen can start communication with this service to reach customers quickly. Already, some of the financial organizations start business with bulk SMS service of Sri Technology to advertise products and stores information to the people for increase profits of organization. Bulk SMS service boosts sales of entrepreneurs. Sri Technology located in Hyderabad to provide several services to the local users. Hospitals, stores and etc entrepreneurs utilize this opportunity to get profits through spent limited amount by Bulk Store Service.

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Why we are Using Bulk SMS Service:

  • Businessmen can advertise their products easily by using Bulk SMS service.
  • SMS service maintains SMS scheduling to send SMS to the destination for desire time.
  • Bulk SMS service work completely based on web base tools.
  • Users can manage groups from address book to send SMS using excel file.
  • Users may or may not receive delivery reports for sent SMS's based on choice.

Promotional SMS

SMS Credits Price/SMS Total Package Cost in INR
10,000 18 Ps/SMS 1,800 Rs/Only
25,000 16 Ps/SMS 4,000 Rs/Only
50,000 14 Ps/SMS 7,000 Rs/Only
100,000 12 Ps/SMS 12,000 Rs/Only
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Promotional SENDER ID SMS

  • Promotional route will function 9:00AM to 9:00PM only
  • No Delivery on DND Numbers
  • No Sender id
  • SMS Credits Price/SMS Total Package Cost in INR
    10,000 20 Ps/SMS 2,000 Rs/Only
    25,000 18 Ps/SMS 4,500 Rs/Only
    50,000 16 Ps/SMS 8,000 Rs/Only
    100,000 14 Ps/SMS 14,000 Rs/Only
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    Transactional SMS

  • Transactional route will function 24hrs
  • Delivery on DND numbers yes
  • Sender id yes
  • SMS Credits Price/SMS Total Package Cost in INR
    10,000 22 Ps/SMS 2,200 Rs/Only
    25,000 20 Ps/SMS 5,000 Rs/Only
    50,000 18 Ps/SMS 9,000 Rs/Only
    100,000 16 Ps/SMS 16,000 Rs/Only
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