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POS Hand Held Spot Billing Machine

About the Company

Sri Technologies provide POS Hand Held Spot Billing Machine that connects to GPRS for generate instant bills and update transactions status in servers remotely. Mostly, billing machines work at following areas such as Hotels, Super market, Malls, Grocery stores, Gift shops, Cable TV providers and etc. If you have lot of customers in your business and you tied with your customers for provide bills to the individuals then you should try with POS hand held billing machines from Sri Technologies Company, Hyderabad and enjoy the benefits. It generates bills for monthly, yearly, quarterly and etc so, you can choose want you want among the services.

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POS Hand Held Spot work with password protection for avoids unauthorized access. POS Hand Held Spot Billing Machine can hold the customer information in memory through connect the customer data from server. Billing Machine generate bills with thermal energy that useful to the regular suppliers to give quick bills to the customers by choose sold item code, number of sold items and etc in that POS hand held system. Billing Machine generates bills to the customers based on given input to that machine. If customers did not clear bill previously then billing machine generate bills for both present and previous bills.


Sri Technologies POS Hand Held Spot Billing machine (SBM) is GPRS Enabled Machine. The device is compact and light weight (less than 500grms).The machine equipped with technology which server as a Hand Held computer. The device is WEB/USB enabled which helps the operator to get instant bill remotely and update transactions back to the server.

ARM 32 Bit Processor|Smart Card|RFID|GPRS|Thermal Print


  • Billing Machine is easy to operate and user friendly.
  • It is highly secured with Password protection.
  • It is accessible to remote application via GPRS.
  • It holds the Customer Data in memory.
  • Accurate data Import and Export Settings.
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  • Operation System: Windowns Compatible
  • Processor: ARM Cortex M3
  • Memory: 16 Mb Flash Memory,512KB SRAM
  • Key Pad: 6*5 key(30 keys Alpha Numeric)
  • Display: 128*64 Dots
  • Communication Ports: GPRS/USB
  • Printer: Thermal Graphic printer,8 dots/mm
  • Battery: Li-Ion(8 Hours),7.4 V 2.2 Amps
  • Optional: RFID Reader, Smart Card Reader
  • FREE SDK/Demo Software Provided
  • Weight: 500grams, Dimensions:230*85*50
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Application Areas

  • Electricity and Water Billing
  • Cable and Internet Billing
  • Canteen and Hotel Billing
  • Finance and Daily Bill Collection
  • Bus and Parking Ticketing
  • Distribution and Retail Billing
  • Petrol and Toll Gate Tokens
  • All kinds of General Billing